Walla Walla Symphony


Strings section

The quality of the performances by the Walla Walla Symphony is in large part a testament to the skills and musical abilities of our great musicians. We’re fortunate to have local, regional, semi-professional and professional musicians with a few highly competent amateurs as orchestra members. If you’re interested in playing with the Walla Walla Symphony, either as an orchestra member or guest artist, please contact Leah Wilson-Velasco at 509.529.8020 or leah@wwsymphony.org.

Some of the musicians who play with the symphony are also willing to play for your special occasions such as weddings, parties, and so on. If you’re interested in finding a musician for your special occasion, please send an e-mail to info@wwsymphony.org or call 509.529.8020.

2013-2014 Orchestra Members

(In alphabetical order)


Lyn Ritz, Concertmaster—Henrietta Baker Kennedy Memorial Chair
Maya Takemoto, Assistant Concertmaster—Mary Ann Ringgold Memorial Chair
Lisa Robertson, Principal Second Violin —Robert C. and Iris Myers and Agnes V. Little Memorial Chair
Craig Nelsen, Assistant Principal Second
Jemima Bauer —Frances E. Casper Memorial Chair
Sherry Danielson —Dayl B. Graves Memorial Chair
Ardeth Erickson —Beulah K. Scheece Memorial Chair
Mary K. French —Caroll N. Baker Memorial Chair
Noel Jabagat
Ryan Jacobsen
Dalene Johnson
Anna Okada-Burgess
Trudy Ostby
Liubov Schmidt
Margaret St. Peters
Sharon Thompson
Becky Wiessner


Lucia Orr, Principal—Walter and Elizabeth Egg Memorial Chair
Elizabeth Becker —Dorothy and James Swayne Memorial Chair
Leanora Giannini
Becky Miller
Angela Schauer
Aurora Torres
Leah Wilson-Velasco
Dan Wing
Marisa Winship


Edward Dixon, Principal —Grace Lazerson Memorial Chair
Benjamin Gish, Assistant Principal—Harold E. Crawford Family Chair
Leah Bailey
Melva Lou Drury
Lauren Edmonson
Olga Grigoryan
Jim Smith
Bill Wharton
Linda Wharton
Miranda Wilson


Clayton Wick, Principal - Don and Claudia Tucker Chair
Alan Feves
Jack Koncel
Julia Woods
Greg Youmans


Leonard Garrison, Principal—Louis B. Perry Family Chair
Lori Parnicky
Alicia Stilson


Pablo Izquierdo, Principal—Emma Jane Brattain Memorial Chair
Carol Padgham-Albrecht

English Horn

Carol Padgham-Albrecht


Tom Hess, Principal—William Tugman Memorial Chair
Ron Coleman
Roger Garcia

Bass Clarinet

Richard Simon, Jr.


Susan Hess, Principal—Helen Shepherd Trust Chair
Ryan Hare
Richard Simon, Jr.

French Horn

Dean Kravig, Principal—Coffey Communications Chair
Kyli Humphreys
Rebekah Schaub
Brian Vance
Kestrel Wright


William Berry, Principal—Father Joseph Da Lio Memorial Chair
Keith Noel
James Smock


Doug Scarborough , Principal—Dr. Philip and Leona Siegel Memorial Chair
Thomas Gibson
David Glenn


Torrey Lawrence, Principal


Barbara Lubbes, Principal —Jack Williams Memorial Chair


Mary Norby, Principal —Mike and Sue Gillespie Chair
Chris Cree
Spencer Martin
Thorin Zanger


Chelsea Spence-Crane, Principal


Jackie Wood, Principal —Hill Simon Chair

Stage Manager

Keith Noel

Cordiner Hall Technician

Harold Holm