From February 25 through March 1, 2015, the Walla Walla Symphony and Whitman College collaborated to present Music 360˚: “Looking Back…Reaching Forward – The Music of Samuel Jones”, a 5-day festival that explored the music and works of Dr. Samuel Jones who recently completed a 14-year tenure as Composer in Residence for the Seattle Symphony. Through this unique partnership, participants were able to attend a lecture where Dr. Jones and other composers spoke about their music, converse with them in person about the process, and finally, listen to their works. The multitude of angles offered aimed to give the listener the opportunity to gather a comprehensive understanding of the pieces, further adding to the listening experience.     

Images from the 2015 Festival:

Festival Events Included:

I’m thrilled that our colleagues at Whitman College and the Walla Walla Symphony are honoring my good friend Sam Jones with this festival commemorating his contributions to American music...While Sam was our composer-in-residence I had an opportunity to conduct twelve world premieres of his in addition to numerous other of his pieces. Every one, without exception, has been not only successful with the audience and the orchestra but also works of great integrity, honesty and artistry...[Sam Jones is] a treasure for all of us as a conductor, educator, and, most of all, as one of our most outstanding composers.
— Gerard Schwarz, former Music Director of the Seattle Symphony