Yaacov Bergman, Music Director & Conductor


Leonard Garrison, principal
Lori Parnicky
Sophia Tegart
Breezy Winkle

Oboe/English Horn

Pablo Izquierdo, principal
Kris Klavik
Carol Padgham-Albrecht


Shannon Scott, principal
Ron Coleman
Jennifer Crockett
Roger Garcia


Mark Eubanks, co-principal
Ryan Hare, co-principal
Richard Simon, Jr.
David Taylor


Mark Eubanks, co-principal
Ryan Hare, co-principal

Alto/tenor Saxophone

Michael Agidius, principal
Venessa Sielert

French horn

Dean Kravig, principal
Alyson Atwood
Jason Johnston
Martin King
Rebekah Schaub


William Berry, principal
Sean Butterfield
Keith Noel
James Smock


David Glenn, principal
Holly Amend
Dick Counsell
Bill Gilbert
Doug Scarborough


Torrey Lawrence, principal
Christopher Dickey


Barbara Lubbes, principal
Bob Bone


Chelsea Spence-Crane, principal






Lisa Robertson, concertmaster
Maya Takemoto, assistant concertmaster
Ardeth Erikson, principal second
Craig Nelsen, assistant principal second
Patricia Agee
Jemima Bauer
Robby Boyer
Caleb Condie
Sherry Danielson
Mary K. French
Dalene Johnson
Eliana Kerns
Trudy Ostby
Hannah Schafer
Liubov Schmidt
Margaret St. Peters
Alyssa Stremcha
Sharon Thompson
Becky Wiessner


Lucia Orr, principal
Dick Bauer
Leanora Giannini
Amelia Kittson
Becky Miller
Lyn Ritz
Katherine Sands
Angela Schauer
Leah Wilson-Velasco
Dan Wing


Edward Dixon, principal
Benjamin Gish, assistant principal
Leah Bailey
Soobin Dokko
Melva Lou Drury
Lauren Edmonson
Bill Wharton
Linda Wharton

String Bass

Brian Bonnell, principal
Alan Feves
Jack Koncel
Marella McGreal
Leslie Stone
Clay Wick
Julia Woods
Yvonne Wu
Greg Youmans


Mary Beth Norby, principal
Ben Chambers
Chris Cree
Michael Jones
Thorin Zanger


Jackie Wood, principal




Leonard Garrison
Principal Flute

Leonard Garrison lives in Moscow, ID, where he teaches flute at the University of Idaho. He plays with the Walla Walla Symphony because he loves the opportunity to play great music and visit Walla Walla! In his free time, he enjoys cooking, reading, and studying French.

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Shannon Scott
Principal Clarinet

Shannon Scott is a musician and educator in Moscow, Idaho. She has been playing with the Symphony since 2006. She wanted to play flute, but her sister already did, so she got a clarinet instead, and later made up for it by marrying flutist Leonard Garrison. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and hiking.

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Carol Padgham-Albrecht

Carol is on the music faculty at the University of Idaho and is originally from Fort Worth, TX. She has been playing with the Walla Walla Symphony since 2007 and her favorite piece that she has played with the Symphony is Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony.

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Richard Simon, Jr.

Richard is a physician living in Walla Walla. He has played the saxophone for 55 years, and more recently picked up the bassoon so that he could play with the Walla Walla Symphony. Outside of music, he enjoys his practice in sleep medicine and playing golf.

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William Berry   
Principal Trumpet

William lives in Spokane and has been playing the trumpet since 1963. He chose the trumpet because he had a plastic toy trumpet as a child and decided to try the real thing. His favorite piece of music changes from day to day, but he particularly enjoys Brandenburg’s Concerto No. 2 and Mahler’s 2nd Symphony.

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Keith Noel

Keith lives in Walla Walla and is a Federal Service retiree. He grew up taking trumpet lessons from his father and has been part of the Symphony since 1988.

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Doug scarborough  

Doug is the Director of Jazz Studies at Whitman College in Walla Walla. He began playing with the Walla Walla Symphony in 2011 and loves sharing great classical music with the community. A few of his hobbies outside of music are running and camping.

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Dave Glenn
Principal Trombone

Dave is a retired professor of jazz living in Walla Walla. He has been playing trombone with the Walla Walla Symphony since 1989. His favorite musical memory is playing with the drummer Tony Williams in Japan.

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Rebecca Wiessner

Rebecca is is a violin teacher in Walla Walla who has been playing with the Symphony since 1977. Her favorite musical memory is playing music in church with family during the holidays. When not playing violin, Rebecca enjoys cooking, running, reading, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

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Jemima Bauer

Jemima is a violinist living in Moscow, Idaho. She chose the violin because it was small enough to fit in the travel trailer that she lived in with her family. She has been playing since age 13 and joined the Walla Walla Symphony in 2013.

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Liubov Schmidt

Liubov has been playing violin since she was 7 years old, and currently teaches music in Walla Walla. Her favorite composer is Tchaikovsky, and she loves to play his violin concerto! Other than the violin, she enjoys conducting children’s choir and orchestra, playing ping-pong, traveling, and hiking.

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Craig Nelsen
Assistant Principal second Violin

Craig is a winemaker now living in Walla Walla who has spent more than 25 years tasting and collecting fine wines from around the world. When not at his winery, you will find him on the golf course. He has played with the Walla Walla Symphony since 2002 and particularly enjoys the music of Sibelius.

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Becky Miller

Becky is a retired music teacher living in Moscow, ID. She loves playing with the Walla Walla Symphony because of the friendly people, lovely town, getting to work with Yaki, and Cordiner Hall! She enjoys gardening, DIY projects, and walking.

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Ed Dixon
Principal Cello

Ed is a freelance musician in Walla Walla. He began playing a cello handed down from his two older brothers when he was 9 years old, and has played ever since! He can often be found playing tennis on sunny days.

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Clayton Wick
String Bass

Clayton is a double bassist living in Kennewick, WA. He enjoys playing in the Symphony because of the great atmosphere and attitude of the orchestra. He has played double bass since 1958 and has enjoyed the flexibility of being able to play in many different musical genres.

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Yvonne Wu
String Bass

Yvonne was born in Taipei City, Taiwan and currently lives in Seattle. She has played with the Symphony since 2014 and loves traveling, learning different languages, and dancing. She insists that the bass chose her and she had no choice in the matter.

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