Walla Walla Symphony Youth Orchestra (WWSYO)

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Formed in the fall of 2008 with the help of a generous grant from the Sherwood Trust, the Walla Walla Symphony Youth Orchestra (WWSYO) provides young musicians in grades 8 - 12 with a unique opportunity to rehearse and perform in a large ensemble alongside other musicians from across eastern Washington and northern Oregon.

The Walla Walla Symphony Youth Orchestra is directed by Dr. Paul Luongo, who is also the director of the Whitman College Orchestra.

The WWSYO is open to students currently in grades 8 - 12, and all students must audition regardless of past participation in the WWSYO. All instruments are invited to audition. Audition requirements include: a prepared two to three minute solo piece of your choice. Rehearsals will be held on Monday evenings. Participation in your school music program is required if one is available to you. If instruction on your primary instrument is not available at your school, we encourage you to participate in another ensemble of your school music program. Students who are homeschooled full time (and do not participate in any school programs) are strongly encouraged to participate in a school music program, but are not required to do so.

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Past repertoire has included:

  • Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain

  • Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 in A

  • Bizet’s L’arlessiene Suite No. 1

  • Haydn’s Symphony No. 100

  • Beethoven’s Symphony no. 1 in C minor

The WWSYO has auditions coming up for the 19-20 season on September 14th and 15th from 1-4 pm

For more information, or to schedule an audition, please call the Symphony office at 509-529-8020 or info@wwsymphony.org.

The Walla Walla Symphony Youth Orchestra is supported in part by: