Lending Library

Have any old, unwanted musical instruments?
Donate them to the Symphony!

The Walla Walla Symphony’s Instrument Lending Library helps foster music literacy and performance skills in young people by providing free access to musical instruments. In addition to community support through instrument donations, this program is made possible with generous support from individual donors. The inventory consists primarily of violins, flutes, and clarinets. Please contact the office in advance for availability.

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for the AWESOME viola! I LOOOOOOOVE it!!!!! It has such great sound and it fits perfectly! Thank you for getting the size that I need! It is fantastically splendorous! Thanks again!
— Lending Library Participant
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Available instruments as of October, 2019:

  • 3/4, and 4/4 Violins

  • 2 Flutes

  • 1 Piccolo

  • 5 Clarinets

  • 1 Trumpet

  • 2 Trombones

  • 1 Autoharp

Loan procedures are as follows:

  • Borrowers are required to complete a registration form that includes borrower contact information, teacher information, and a parental permission form (if student is younger than 18).

  • The Symphony will pay for the maintenance and repair of the instrument based on normal and usual wear and tear. Any damage to the instrument caused by willful neglect and/or mistreatment will be the financial responsibility of the borrower. If the instrument is lost or destroyed, the borrower agrees to compensate the Walla Walla Symphony for the value of the instrument.

  • Loan periods are for one year. Loan can be renewed annually subject to inspection of the instrument by Symphony office staff, music educator, or private teacher.

If you choose to donate an instrument to the library, the Symphony will make sure the instrument is in good repair. Donors will receive a receipt for the fair market value of the instrument and the assurance that their musical instrument donation is going to a worthy musician-in-training.

For more information about this program or if you have an instrument to donate to the Lending Library, please call the Walla Walla Symphony office at 509-529-8020 or email Aiyana Mehta at aiyana@wwsymphony.org